CG-15 Commercial Grade Vacuum Sealer

June 27, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

CG-15 Vacuum SealerA couple of years ago, I purchased a commercial grade vacuum sealer from Cabela’s.

My wife and I were looking for a solution for storing leftover bbq. I often cook multiple pork butts and multiple briskets, which is a lot of meat for two people. We love the vacuum sealer. Leftover bbq will store for a few days in standard plastic bowls with lids, but more than a few days of storage requires something more substantial. Enter the vacuum sealer solution.

The vacuum sealer extends the storage life of food by withdrawing oxygen that accelerates the deterioriation and hastens the spoilage process in food. After cooking, we just place the remaining meat into a bag of the appropriate size, press a button and a few seconds later we have a professional quality vacuum seal that will store in the freezer or refrigerator with ease.

When we have a craving for bbq, we just pop the bag into a pan of hot water and–presto–we have a bbq meal at our fingertips.

I’ll be the first to warn prospective vacuum sealer shoppers that the CG-15 Commercial Grade Vacuum Sealer is not inexpensive. Ours cost $399.99 and the 15 x 18 size bags were another $45.00, but when you bbq as much as we do…and can’t eat all that you cook in one setting (we often cook 10-15 lbs. of meat at a time), the vacuum sealer is a wise investment.

For the cost conscious bbq cook, Foodsaver makes a more economical line of vacuum sealers that retail for prices in the $100 range. The Foodsaver bags are less expensive as well. I’ve not used a Foodsaver, so I can’t vouch for their effectiveness as compared to the Cabela’s model.