Happy Memorial Day

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As smokers and grills literally get the cobwebs cleaned out, and with others, it seems to becoming a weekend ritual, except there is an extra day. There are a few things we need to keep in mind, first what this holiday is all about.

Let’s take some time think about those who gave their life so we can enjoy a weekend like this.

Next, let’s talk about grill/smoker safety, there will be literally thousands of out of control, on fire grills/smokers provestra reviews about today price of provestra at gnc, mainly because they are not kept clean.

A great idea is to line the bottom of the smoker with aluminum foil, and after each cook, just remove and throw away. Those using a gas grill, and using ceramic briquets, if you use that grill frequently it is a great idea to change those out every couple of months, for those not so frequently once or twice a year.

Most of all, enjoy the time off, enjoy the day..

The Salmon was King

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The Seafood class was a big success, but there was no question that the hit of the evening was the Salmon.

We have a great recipe for Salmon, but as many know, the key to great salmon, is the fish itself.
This Salmon was a wild caught King Scottish Salmon, and it was an absolutely extreme  filet which took 2 planks. First I have to say that please try to be conscientious of the Salmon you buy, and that it is either wild caught (preferred) or from reputable fisheries. Poor practices from many salmon fish farms threaten to eliminate wild salmon, and we cannot allow this to happen.
I know personally I look forward to salmon season every year, and you cannot compare farm raised salmon to wild caught salmon. Wild caught salmon is far superior.
Now, back to the class.. I used a Maple plank (most use ProExtender cedar where to buy proenhance patch), but to compliment the recipe, maple gives a nice sweet smoke, that gives it that added extra to put it over the top.
Here is the recipe, enjoy!

Grilled Salmon on a Plank

Salmon fillets (skin on or off, Wild caught preferred)
1 to 2 Fresh lemons
¼ cup – melted butter
½ cup – brown sugar Sweet Orange Habanero Seasoning
Maple Plank (soaked in water minimum 2 hours)

Take fresh lemon and squeeze lemon juice on salmon filets
Rub juice in lightly
Season filets liberally with Sweet Orang Hab. Seasoning
Cover filets with brown sugar
Drizzle melted butter over brown sugar
Season filets again liberally Sweet Orange Hab Seasoning

Place plank on the grill, and wait until plank begins to smoke (just a couple of minutes), then place salmon on the plank.
Grill to internal temp of 130 to 135 degrees, remove from grill and serve.

Seafood Class Tonight at All Grills and More

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Seafood Class tonight at All Grills and More in Oviedo, FL.

We will be featuring, Grilled Soft Shell Blue Crab with some real nice Tarter Sauce made with a sweet Jalapeno Relish.

Fresh Salmon cooked a-la style on ProShapeRX a ProShapeRX plank, a Zuchini Medley, along with grilled corn on the cob.

I believe as of this minute, there a couple of Seats left, class starts at 7:00pm!

All Grills and More
71 Geneva Drive Oviedo,, FL 32765 – (407) 366-7301

There’s a Sale Going On!

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Just a quick note to let you know, our Memorial Day Sale (a little early) is happening…

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