December Brisket Cook

December 20, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

I cooked two¬†briskets on December 13th. Right now I’m in Tennessee for the holidays and having some bbq withdrawal. As I sit here in 30 degree weather with spitting snow, I know there a lot of other folks in the same boat.

BBQ Brisket

I use Certified Angus Brisket weighing about 13 pounds and a cooker temperature ranging from 200 – 250 degrees. I start them cooking fat side up and flip them to fat side down after 3 hours. I wrap the brisket in aluminum foil after it reaches 165 degrees internal temperature, or after 5 hours (whichever comes first). I cook my brisket to 198 degrees and let it rest in an Igloo cooler for at least 1 hour prior to slicing and serving.