It’s Superbowl Sunday!

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Happy Superbowl sunday!

It is a holiday, right? I just  wanted to send a couple recipe ideas for today, and let you know what is happening.

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Lets Get started here with a couple of great recipes.

From the BBQ Cooking Class;

Herb Encrusted Potatoes;
* Prep Time: 30 min
* Cook Time: 60 to 90 min
* Ready In: 2 hours

Servings: 10 servings

* 12 Yukon Gold Potatoes
* 1 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
* 2 tablespoons Ground Sage
* 2 tablespoons Granulated Garlic
* 2 tablespoons Dried Parsley
* 2 tablespoons Kosher Salt
* 2 tablespoons Coarsely Ground Black Pepper
* 2 tablespoons Sugar
* 2 tablespoons Paprika
A little butter to drizzle on at the end

rub EVOO over potatoes, then roll them in the herb mixture. Cook in smoker (or grill indirect) at about 350 until soft (approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours), after you pull them out, drizzle some melted butter over them.

From the cooking class;

Grilled Cheese Steak
 * Prep Time: 45 min
* Cook Time: 30 min
* Ready In: 75 min

Servings: 10 to 12 servings

* 4 to 5 Lbs Flank Steak (butterflied)
* 1 cup finely chopped – baby portabella mushrooms
* 1 cup – finely chopped – sweet (Vidalia) onions
* 1/2 cup finely chopped – bell pepper
* Extra Virgin Olive Oil
* 1 cup fancy shred – mozzarella cheese
* 3 to 4 slices Provolone Cheese
* Garlic Lovers Steak Seasoning
* Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil

1. Fold out the flank steak completely, and tenderize with a jaccard or tenderizing mallet.
2. Lightly coat top with extra virgin olive oil, rub in well.
3. Lightly sprinkle seasoning mixture on the oiled flank steak
4. Evenly spread chopped onions, mushrooms, and Bell Peppers, on the flank steak.
5. Drizzle olive oil on top of the mushrooms, onions, and peppers.
6. Spread mozzarella cheese evenly on top.
7. Sprinkle evenly with seasoning (to taste)
8. Roll up flank steak with ingredients, to form a roll. Make sure the roll is even, and the ingredients aren’t bunched in the middle.
9. Secure the roll using the water soaked toothpicks, make sure they don’t break!
10. Lightly coat outside with olive oil, and remaining seasoning.
11. Set your gas or charcoal grill up for indirect cooking (heat on one side, off on the other). Let your flank roll marinate while the grill heats up.
12. When the grill is hot, place the rolled flank steak directly over the coals or gas flames (on low). Allow searing for approximately 2 minutes, then carefully turning, and searing for another 2 minutes.
13. Wrap the rolled flank steak carefully in Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil, and place back on the grill, this time on the non-heated side. Close the grill, and let cook for approximately 20 to 25 minutes (temp inside grill should be 375 to 380 degrees).
14. When done (should be medium rare, 135 internal temp), remove from the grill, unwrap foil, and let stand for approximately 10 minutes (save the juice in the foil!)
15. (save the juice in the foil!)  Slice in ¾ inch slices, and place on platter. Drizzle reserved juice over slices and serve.

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